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Joined October 9th 2008[1].


[edit] Description

Attention Whore supreme and self-admitted schizophrenic, over-emotional, drunk faggot[2] One of the resident MuchoSucko drunkards. Known as a "serial youtube music video linker".[3]

A former manager of a local driving range turned marshland, zeke spends most of his time on muchosucko raging on others or linking youtube music videos[3] and dreaming about mucho gumdrop land with chocolate unicorns

[edit] Likes and Dislikes

[edit] Likes

  • Favorite drink of choice is sambuca[4]
  • Eating clay[5]
  • Massive amounts of attention [6]
  • Accusing others of what he does himself [7]
  • Grenading[8]
  • Champagne jams
  • Faggy youtube music videos that relate to his mood at the time, usually followed by quote "Fuck you, I like this song" end quote
  • Mucho girls
  • Whiteknighting, sticking up for anyone but getting very little in return

[edit] Dislikes

  • dubbing and those who dub
  • Staying sober or trying to
  • Boring things at work such as collecting and cleaning hundreds of golf balls
  • Muchopedia and the brain trust that edits it
  • Listening to dushanmandik rant on the phone[citation needed]
  • Male users fapping to his balls[9][10]
  • Being anally fucked by candycane dildos[11][12]
  • Fake ass bitches
  • Vapid cunts
  • Leprechauns
  • yak
  • Most if not all other users (dependent on current drunk level and whether or not someone has offended him)
  • Random Jokes[13]

[edit] Mascot

Zeke has possibly become one of the more iconic users of muchosucko, perhaps because of his perfectly shaped head. Several photoshops have been made of zeke due to his uncanny resemblance to a slug, or perhaps Earthworm Jim.

[edit] Mucho Relationships

Zeke has been known to profess his love for various users, mostly female. The list that follows details some of his more notable amorous advertures.

  • OhSnap current status: touchy cunt [citation needed]
  • Heather current status: vapid bitch [14][15]
  • TheAllMightyToaster current status: fat slut [16] stupid whore [17]
  • DejaVu current status: fluctuating between "Deja you're a cunt"[18] and "i love you deja.......idk what i'm doing wrong thus is my life" and "you really are a stupid whore" along with "cuz i think you're a dumb fucking slut" Unfortunately, due to a crackdown on annoying nonsense posts, citations are not available at this time.
  • loslobos current status: unrequited love
  • oster and Xzekiel have been known to fap to each others balls on tinychat, current status: unknown [citation needed]
artist's rendering of zeke as a snail

[edit] Physical and Mental Disabilities

  • Multiple users have stated he bares a striking resemblance to a snail, Humpty Dumpty and Uncle Fester respectively.
  • Bald and misshapen head
  • Schizophrenia that is only worsened by his uncontrollable alcoholism[19]
  • Inability to remember things as they happened usually due to alcohol induced blackouts
example of 1 of the possible men out of 100 that zeke is sexually attracted to

[edit] Sexuality

Zeke is a self admitted bisexual, although he 'rates' his 'percent of homosexuality' at only 3%, because according to him, out of 100 men, he has only been sexually attracted to 3 of them.[20][21]

R.I.P. Zeke jr

[edit] Zeke Jr

yak, while on one of his many shopping sprees wasting pro money buying disabled fish, found a goldfish that he claimed "made him think of zeke". It died.

The Zekestrong Logo

[edit] Zekestrong

On January 23rd, 2014[22], Zeke proceeded to have another Meltdown in hopes of garnering even more attention and sympathy. During this Meltdown he alluded to a terminal illness which was later found out to be heart disease after hours of prodding by fellow users. Despite several users pointing out that this was most likely another attention getting ploy, some users rallied around Zeke offering words of encouragement and motivation. From this clusterfuck "Zekestrong" and the hashtag "#Zekestrong" were born. The Zekestrong Movement gathered such momentum that a Twitter account was anonymously made with the intent of raising awareness for Zeke's illness and gathering donations for Zeke's beer money fund.[23]

[edit] Quotes and Sayings

[edit] Game on

The "game" zeke refers to is quite clear. It's the standard "game" that is played on mucho where one user attempts to insult another, thereby "pwning" them. The game is decided once either A) challenger has nothing left to say B) challenger rage-quits or C) an impartial judge steps in and declares a "winner." It generally begins if someone has insulted binge zeke, at which point it will try to be avoided by zeke asking "we good?" If reciprocant states that they have "beef" then the game is on.[24] From there it can escalate.

[edit] Ima piss

Usually this is proceeded with a prolonged absence of zeke from muchosucko, tinychat and Mucho chat, although depending on zeke's drunk level it can mean zeke is just clamoring for attention. [25] Or infact that he is need of a piss, term is coined by Xzekiel himself used instead of "be right back."

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