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The act of making a wager with another, losing, and failing to satisfy the terms of the wager.

The most conspicuous example of a welcher on muchosucko would be GimmieAFreshie.[vague] [citation needed] He bet tr_willk a total of $700[citation needed] that tr_willk could not produce certain documents. These documents were, in fact, produced,[vague] yet welchie (as he has come to be known) tried to bluster that he wasn't really serious about the bet, even though he claimed at the time to be serious about the bet.[citation needed] A good example of trolling gone wrong, as welchie regularly melts down and becomes extremely butthurt any time his welching is mentioned by anyone. Indeed, he is so upset by the aftermath of his welching that any mention of the awesome verbosity[vague] that is tr_willk causes him to practically have coniptions.