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[edit] The History of Voting

From the very beginning, the users of muchosucko were a bunch of lazy bastards who couldn't be bothered to click a button to vote on the various crap submitted to the site. Consider the message heading the VERY FIRST ever recorded screenshot of muchosucko: "03/01/02 - OK everyone, I've been getting a bit lax in the posting of new sites for a few reasons, one to get the hits to each link up a little (not that they are bad) and another is to get you mutants to post comments and vote. THE VOTE AND COMMENTS ARE THERE FOR A REASON PEOPLE USE THEM! You will love us when we put in the new features such as the top 100 and the most and least popular links and such, but they won't be worth anything if you don't contribute. If you like a link hate it or even if it IS your link post some comments and vote on the links you see. Trust me it will be worth it when the new features are in place. Also, the quick submit on the right hand side is a URL SUBMISSION NOT A MAILING LIST SIGNUP or whatever you freaks are trying to do with it. If you have a URL that you think should be on here then submit it, or better yet sign up and submit it! Adios for now! [1]

It should surprise no one familiar with the internet that, in fact, very few people bothered to vote. Examine the voting record on this screen capture from September 1, 2004 and notice that most items only have 1 vote. The most votes are 7. [2]

With the change in format at the end of 2006 to the midnight update, the option to vote was removed.

Due to budget constraints in mid-2011, there was no longer a "staff" to review the material for the midnight update, so voting was reintroduced, almost with malice: "such post police huh? see what me and deja had to go through EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY FOR SEVEN YEARS with people posting shit over again? :P"[3]

[edit] Vote system


Every registered user gets the ability to give points, non pro user 1 point and pro users 2 points to either upvote or downvote a sub.

[edit] Mucho rep

Mucho rep is the term used for point stats. The gathered points a user recieves adds up to the mucho rep, either by a positive or negative score in total. To some it's just a mere way to show appreciation for whatever gets posted on the site, to others it's a serious matter. Many arguments and rage-outs has started and are not so easily forgotten due to the vote system, among other things. Noobs will sometimes try their best to scavenge the Internet for the latest most despicable images in order to raise their stats, often failing by not checking prior posts and or simply having no clue what the site is all about. In order to ease their butthurt they try even harder in the quest for the ultimate ranking and the acceptance of the group, thus defining themselves as the forever noob.

Highest rep so far: thatdude420

Lowest rep so far: Squidley

[edit] Bumps and dumps

Only gods and mods have the ability to do this to a submission. There are many reasons these happen, most due to drunkenness.

[edit] What affects the score

Of course everyone has their own personal taste and it is encouraged to vote freely on whatever is being posted. The bottom line is, if it's not muchoworthy the users are sure to downvote it. The key words are extreme-wtf did I just see, if it's almost to much to withstand - it's worth submitting (only exceptions for not even bothering to sub it extreme child- or animal cruelty due to illegal content.)

Negative scores:

  • Vanilla porn.
  • Reposts of any number they have already been submitted, the more times, the bigger the negative score becomes.
  • Spam submissions.
  • Wrongful titles, descriptions or tags.
  • Pictures or videos of the user itself, without a Muchosucko sign to prove authenticity.
  • Disliking the user

Positive scores:

  • Freakporn.
  • Fugly.
  • Gore.
  • Bodily fluids.
  • Cute.
  • Cool, awesome or mind blowing material.
  • Pictures or videos of the user itself, with a Muchosucko sign... Sometimes.
  • Liking the user.

[edit] References