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tr_willk's entry for the Ab-Off between himself and Xzekiel
GimmieAFreshie working off his $700

An Attention Whore and Troll of epic proportions who uses a hybrid form of Attention Whoring and Trolling entirely unique to himself.


[edit] The Rubix Cube

The first of 2 users (so far) to submit a video with a sign of a successful solving of a rubik's cube. Despite this evidence, some users deny that he can solve a rubik's cube alleging tampering. He regularly solved a rubik's cube on webcam in tinychat while the usual users that populate that site seemingly didn't acknowledge him. However, on occasion and much to his delight, they would acknowledge that he had solved a cube.

The Often Disputed Credentials.

[edit] MensaGate

tr_willk claims to be the only user of Muchosucko to be a verified member of Mensa, membership of which is only open to the top 2% of the world's population in above average intelligence. This claim resulted in a seemingly never-ending spamfest between himself and GimmieAFreshie over the authenticity of his credentials with wagers made and accepted by both parties. MensaGate seems to have no resolution in sight seeing as neither party will acknowledge defeat. As a result, most users have lost interest and get annoyed whenever someone brings it up. tr_willk has been known to bring up "The Wager(s)" as a means of trolling but it seems to have little to no effect other than to serve his Attention Whore needs. Many have likened this scenario between tr_willk and GAF to watching small children argue about one looking out another's window on a long car ride.

[edit] tr_willkisms

[edit] Sweetmeat

tr_willk often refers to heather as "sweetmeat", which most users find rather creepy.[1].

[edit] Blondie

For the sake of variety, tr_willk sometimes uses this when talking at Heather. [2]

[edit] Sweetnose

A term of endearment in Sweden and used to annoy loslobos.

[edit] Moppet

Known to say "Let's review" [3] before spouting a stream of bullshit and words meant to bore the masses, not that anyone bothers to read, in order to illustrate how much of a faggot he is. He rarely ever sticks to the topic at hand.

[edit] tr_Squad

Tr_willk is the founder of the tr_squad. The goals and motivations of the "only squad known by name" are currently unknown, but it appears that they upvote each other's submissions and share information about other users. The tr_squad is also known for mocking other users.

Other known members of tr_squad are:

[edit] Celebrity Endorsements

tr_willk experienced some minor fame on mucho 7 years ago.

"if you hadn't been around for years tr i'd have punched the banhammer right through your fucking face just now... but since we are trying to speed up mucho by working on some things i will not." - yak[5]

With the exception of the following statement, other references of various Muchosucko celebrities giving their endorsements have been censored by the administration of this site. Tr is also an self absorbed idiot.

[edit] References