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Also referred to as Taster, Toast, and Toaster

  • The sexual desire of every user on Mucho with a penis.
  • Claims to have the largest collection of mucho user penis pictures.

[edit] One Downing

Toaster has the compulsion to "one down" people. Basically a "one down" is the opposite of "one upping" in which someone tries to top the other person. In a "one down" toaster proceeds to try to 'be worse off' than the person.[citation needed]

person: My cat can shake paw

toaster: my dog eats glass

[edit] Hobbies

Toaster is a leader of her local 4-H club where she regularly teaches children how to brutally kill livestock for her own pleasure. Many women find small little critters cute and fuzzy, but not Toaster! She can skin a rabbit faster than Bono can claim victory in a Mucho Flamewar. She also denies having any knowledge of any topic other than farming and other white trash skills. When a top[ic arises that she doesn't like to talk about, she will often say "I don't know who/what/he/she/that is."[citation needed]

[edit] References