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Fuck you losboring ha ha ha ha.

Joined april 13th 2009. [1]

[edit] Description

Spends most of his time on Mucho submitting loads of subs in order to raise his MuchoRep. Used his alter ego joedirt to boost the voting points even further until he got caught.[2]. Engages in non-intellectual comments when not spamming the site with possible reposts, mostly due to being stoned 24/7.[3][4][5] He seems to be hated by most and loved/ignored by few. Appears to legitimately want to have a good time and would seemingly be content just sub-spamming to raise his MuchoRep but he can be routinely dragged into fights with little to no provocation. Also enjoys throwing random insults at and spamming the "stfu" buttons of those he dislikes while spamming the "like" button on all of his own comments.

[edit] thatdude420 quotes

  • I got a big nose. You can tell I'm black because of the nose[6]

[edit] References