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A fresh Stan straight out of the factory.
Stan after living with dik for 3 days.
One of Stan's leaked nudie shots
dik in awe, admiring Stan's majestic fur.
Stan VIII minutes before his untimely demise, jumping off the balcony.

Also known as Stan XXII.

Smoke Damaged Stan, Also known as Stan XX
Electrocuted Stan, Also known as Stan XI


[edit] History of Stan

A filthy, mangy looking bichon frise, that lives in Canada with his housemate dik.

Believed by its partner to have supernatural powers, often leading to Stan's senseless death.
At this point, relatives of dik takes pity upon him, and stealthily replaces the dead dog with a fresh dog of the same breed.
Unable to notice the change of dogs due to the thick eyebrows blocking his vision, dik is now lead to believe that Stan is invincible and also self-cleaning.

Is on a strict diet of chewing tobacco and discarded cigarette butts.

His face is permanently filled with an unknown brownish substance, explained by dik to be noob's blood.

[edit] Comments regarding Stan

Dik: hes been sneezing a lot and now that he has no teeth his tongue flops around like AAABLBLBLBLBLBL, its as close to sex as either of us get[1]

Yak: such a kickable dog!
Dik: if you did ,he eat your foot, then chew a makeshift vagina into you then just start fuckin[2]

Plantshit: i want to fucking kill diks dog its so fucking ugly and distgusting, i want to puke on the computer screen. I hate it ...[3]
its like they took only the deformed dogs from the litter then let the deformed pair with more deformed to get even more deformed and distgusting dogs Just like society and the "clean" wolfs like me lives in the wood . Deformed canids piss me off.[4]

Plantshit: the most sad about this picture is everytime i watch it i get this picture of dik laying naked on his bed with a tube of whipped cream he keep putting on his dick then the dogs licks it.[5]

[edit] Known Stans

[edit] Stan I

Died of old age.

[edit] Stan II

Died in battle with a rottweiler,

the first known case of Stan's "superpowers".[6]

[edit] Stan III

Died from internal injuries after dik made him prove he could break unbreakable glass.

[edit] Stan IV

Squished in an elevator.

[edit] Stan V

Swallowed own tongue during epileptic seizure.

[edit] Stan VI

Suffocated exploring Jamiee1869's vagina.

[edit] Stan VII

Died from complications during surgery.

[edit] Stan VIII

Jumped off the balcony.

[edit] Stan IX

Was stomped to death by Plantshit.

[edit] Stan X

Cryogenically frozen and thawed out on a spaceship sometime in the future, there he merged with a metallic substance that gave him increased strength and durability,he then proceeded to murder the crew of the ship that safeguarded his cryo-tube.

Last seen piloting the ship outside known space, searching for a fabled planet populated by intelligent bichon frises.

[edit] Stan XI

Electrocuted when dik made him climb a utility pole.

[edit] Stan XII

Hit by a truck.

[edit] Stan XIII

Consumed by dik during a rough patch.

[edit] Stan XIV

Mysteriously vanished.

[edit] Stan XV

Fell to his death when put on the roof to adjust the TV antenna.

[edit] Stan XVI

Drowned attempting to fetch a stick thrown in the ocean.

[edit] Stan XVII

Got cancer from second hand smoking.

[edit] Stan XVIII

Tortured for information by Al-Qaeda.

[edit] Stan XIX

Burst after drinking 5 bottles of Caesar.

[edit] Stan XX

Died in a house-fire.

[edit] Stan XXI

Choked on a fur ball.

[edit] Stan XXII

Stepped on by man performing parkour.

[edit] Stan XXIII

So far so good.

[edit] References