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Squidley and one of his many grandchildren, having a good time.


[edit] Description

Squidley is what is known as a 'serial reposter' on MuchoSucko. Being one of the oldest members of MuchoSucko, people sometimes take pity on him by upvoting some of his reposts.

Used to go by the name CaineKane and Squidley2 until he forgot his password one day and started his Squidley account, rather then contacting Customer Service.

[edit] War Crimes

Unknown to most users, Squidley is a Nazi war criminal living under an alias, protected by the United States Government for his contributions to the advancements of psychological torture on prisoners in times of war.[vague][citation needed] He shows an extremely suspicious tolerance towards representatives of the ancient Reptilian race. [1]

[edit] Serial Reposting

Many people think that Squidley just has a bad memory, this is however untrue. Reposts by Squidley are carefully planned out by him and yak days in advance to cause the highest amount of psychological stress on users. This is why Squidley has never been banned, even though other users are banned for much much less.[vague]

  • An example of a Squidley repost and how it was recieved [1]

[edit] Squidley sayings

  • Good girl
  • Poor girl/guy/kid
  • Eat shit Fries
  • I almost reposted this
  • Well damn. I won't post for awhile
  • He probably got what he deserved
  • Maybe she's a lifelong whore or didn't get enough cock when she was young

[edit] Lada

A P.O.W. from the Vietnam "police action" that Squidley smuggled home and took as a trophy wife. Together they spawned multiple offspring that now infest every state in America. Pictures of Lada, Squidley's children, grandchildren and even other relatives graves, can be found scattered all across Mucho.[vague][citation needed]

[edit] The Squidley Fanclub

There used to exist a Squidley fanclub, the rival club of F.A.P.S., named "The Squidley Fanclub". It never really took off as it had only 5 members besides Squidley himself and his secret alt account Squidley2, the fanclub was eventually shut down and forgotten about, after Squidley neglected to send out the member diplomas. The 4 members of The Squidley Fanclub were Barret, Xzekiel, Sealbasher and Akameldon. Barret was only a member because he enjoys being in clubs, and Sealbasher merely wanted to help deflect attention away from his own many reposts. [citation needed]

Note: The core members of the Squidley fanclub have not disbanded; they are simply lying low for a while.

[edit] References