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Screencap from Tinychat

"Behold his might and despair.

The ginger of gingers. The nippley one.

Or not..." - Perseus

Rumor has it he has a little love thing with TheAllMightyToaster [1][2]


[edit] Description

A stout, hairy ginger of medium height, with a large head (especially the forehead and chin), a grotesquely large tongue and freakishly large hands; both nipples are pierced. May or may not be a mutant. He has stated there is nothing on him that is proportionate.

[edit] Likes / Dislikes

[edit] Likes

  • Female gingers.[vague][citation needed]
  • Drinking beer and Scotch.[citation needed]
  • Trimming his facial hair.[vague][citation needed]
  • Pressing the 'stfu' button. (Link it)
  • Posting demotivational pictures on mucho. (Link it)
  • Posting pictures of his untrimmed red pubes on mucho.
  • Being a dick to noobs.
  • Tits and ass
  • Kilts
  • BBQ
  • Sitting on cam while nude in Tinychat
  • Ironing his clothes while on cam in Tinychat
  • Bacon
  • Claiming he is going to the gym (actual exercise is unconfirmed).
  • Various fit ladies of mucho (Alana, cuntscab, jenbirdy, and twobit and her marvelous breastworks)

[edit] Dislikes

[edit] References