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Joined January 13th, 2014[1] Rumor is he's been to all of the far corners of the Internet already, degrading and humiliating himself for his own pleasures.

On the 26th of January, 2014, Barret claimed on a sexlord66 nudie sub that he had recorded the cam show sexlord66 gave on tinychat[2]and was planning to submit the content "against" sexlord's will if he didn't upload a pic with a sign saying "Swedes suck".[3]. Unlucky for Barret sleep depravation got the better of him and when he logged out loslobos took charge, changed the rules and threatend to upload the video anyway if sexlord didn't submit another pic with a "Swedes rule" sign.[4]. Being the AW he is he deliberately messed up the first attempt[5] just to get scorned by LL. The second attempt went as planned[6] and both parties were content. Of course LL never had a copy of the said recording but did it only to spite the norfag and claim a victory point for Team Sweden.

You know what they say, you snooze - you lose.