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A sarcastic, cynical and bitchy member that found an unsafe haven at MuchoSucko after being one of the millions of banned users from another watered down vanilla, pussified site. [citation needed] He is known for being "an annoying, arrogant assworm", and coyly twirling his hair. Founder of the jpg tag [1] to help make searching for reposts through picture formats with different tags such as the equally redundant gif and flv. Has the ability to say only a few words to get a reaction, especially from two self righteous, illiterate, retarded attention whores in particular[2]

[edit] Backstory

His parents killed themselves when he was 5 and he was raised by a gay prostitute in Las Vegas. [vague]

Severum breeds arachnids and sells them to make a living and eats chow mein every day. [citation needed]

Severum is really a woman, she is well known on the motel circuit. She once had an infamous affair with a drunk Irishman called Johnny, they had a dumpster baby and called it sprinkles.

[edit] References