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Like many other young men, Punky Bruiser was in love. The name was Muchosucko, and it was more than obvious that he had deep feelings for the users. He loved them with all his heart. However, in the back of his mind there was a niggling fear, which preyed on his insecurities and abandonment issues: did they love him back? As it turned out they did not love him, in fact they hated him. His advances were unwanted by the muchoers, the people whom Broseph was so enamored with. This frustrated him greatly. Who are these no talent hacks, who thinks they can say no to one such as I? He no doubt pondered sleeplessly all the way through many a night. And as his frustration grew, he decided to do the only rational thing: subbing more stuff, writing ridiculously long descriptions, and complaining about down-votes until they change their minds.

And so it came to pass, that the users of MuchoSucko grew so tired of PunkyBruiser's constant drug upped ravings, that they invented the Punkyblock, the ultimate tool in anger management. Thanks GimmieAFreshie.

[edit] Barret's "Adblock Plus" Punkyblock tutorial for Mozilla Firefox

Get the Adblock Plus addon for firefox.

Click tools > Adblock Plus > Filter Preferences

Add a new filter group, name it whatever.

On the side, using the Add Filter button, add these three lines (in seperate rules).




This should remove unwanted punky comments and leave an empty space.