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Punky showing off his famous 9er


[edit] Description

Punky[1] is the product of incest and crystal meth, his "parents" were forced to give him up for adoption but not before dropping him on his head several times. He currently survives on a constant supply of gathered mucho hatred and cocaine.

He is the subject of the renowned Punky Chronicles.

When others won't respond to his comments he will talk to himself

[edit] The Punky Spam

Whenever Punky surfs mucho the comment rise on subs explode, stfus will hail non stop from other users while Punky spams Youtube links and his own subs to gain points and attention.

Also, see Punkyblock.

[edit] The Lotto List

Punky keeps extensive lists of Mucho members, one of them is his Lotto List, a list of the top 10 users he will share his money with when he wins the lottery. Obviously he wishes to share with more, but these are the top 10.

February 19th 2013

June 13th 2013

After noticing he was taken off the lotto list, Barret claimed to have moved PunkyBruiser to the top of his rape list.

[edit] The Punky Sucks List

One bored day, Barret decided to write a list of reasons Punky sucks, Jrob2020 and Loslobos soon joined in, the attention was too much for Punky to handle, and he soon lost what sanity was left in his fragile mind. The Comments with capital letters and punctuations are Barret comments, the rest Jrob and Loslobos comments.

  • Spams, thinks others spam.
  • Brags about how much money he has, cries about being broke on youtube.
  • Claims to love Mucho, haunts the site despite everyone hating him.
  • Tries to participate in mucho challenges, fails to follow the rules every single time.
  • Subs a ton of shops, none of them ever funny.
  • Subs decent stuff once in a while, spams it until everyone downvotes.
  • Is Punky.
  • he's also a huge suckup
  • types in caps when not neccessary
  • Writes his sentences WITH CAPS then not then CAPS AGAIN(<<<<paradox) Get a grip YOU FUCKING TRY-HARD!
  • his stupid goddamn 8)
  • Brags about his penis. Didn't even post it.
  • Constantly links idiotic pictures and hopes people will compliment him on them.
  • Constantly links idiotic music videos and links, and hopes people will compliment him on them.
  • talks about all the famous people he knows....posts obvious shops of him with them
  • 99% of the time spent on Mucho Apologizes for idiotic drunk spam the night before.
  • Proceeds to spam idiotically.is either drunk, drugged or just fucking crazy
  • Constantly links his subs, trying to promote them.
  • Literally begs for upvotes.
  • Offers people money all the time, never sends any...
  • "Friends Forever"
  • Tries buying people's friendship by gifting them tickets
  • Lame Pwns.
  • Hangs out with Metalface
  • Threatens to beat people up over the internet
  • Laughs at nothing, cause he dumb.
  • Steals Jones' shops to use as an avy.
  • STFUs hundreds of comments. Complains about STFUs.
  • is a decent shopper......doesn't have a good enough sense of humor to make them funny
  • Likes every comments in threads. Most of which he doesn't understand a word off.
  • Likes his own comments. Because no one else does...
  • Never made a comment that wasn't retarded. Unless it was copypasted.
  • Links "made you comment". Is actually the one commenting...
  • Posts pictures of random naked women he found on the internet. Hopes people will think he is Hugh Hefner.
  • writes a paragraph....makes another comment directly after correcting one misspelled werd
  • word
  • Corrects 1 word. Leaves a dozen others.
  • Runs out of retarded insults. Thinks linking Barret's picture will insult.
  • Runs out of idiotic insults. Has to steal ThatDude's techniques.
  • Thinks Dik is awesome.
  • Tells people he loves them, when they want him dead.
  • Tells Mucho he is leaving for the day. Again, and again, and again...Doesn't leave.
  • likes comments making fun of him to seem not mad about it, but he actually is very mad
  • Doesn't even understand when people are insulting him half the time.

  • Keeps a txt file with self-made instructions on how to Mucho. Yes he's that dumb.
  • Still does everything in the txt file wrong.
  • Punky makes a fart sound*
  • Makes 18382 comments in 2 years. Is almost as spammy as Jrob.
  • Rents dvds.
  • destroys property like a teenager, giggles like a rettard about it
  • Commits crime/vandalism. Films it and puts it on the internet.
  • Gives intelligent movie critiques. "That MOVIE suCKED MY 9r!"
  • raved abut pacific rim so i watched it...............worst movie ever
  • Gives everyone fake compliments and claims he wants to "hook them up" with stuff.
  • Breaks into threads. Thinks people are talking to him.
  • "Barret, I offered you some help with money, on one of your break-downs, you fucking loser. I would
  • search for it, but a pack of cigs....IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU AT THE MOMENT. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, YOU HOMO." goes to the market
  • Offers to help with money after "breakdown". Didn't realize it was copypasta.
  • Said he went to the market. Didn't go to the market.
  • PunkyBruiser : "I'm really going, I swear. hahaha..."
  • Said he was really going. Still liked jrobs insult comment.
  • Constantly links lottery list, in hopes people will like him for his hypothetical generosity.
  • Makes retarded corrections to others comments.
  • Always calls Barret B-DOG in attempts to be patronizing.
  • Is the biggest faggot on the planet. Claims people are just butthurt when they complain.
  • Is asked simple questions. Can't even answer them.
  • His likes makes people un-like comments, so they don't have to be on the same like list as him.
  • Spams good subs. They get downvoted by association.
  • Makes dozens of shops. Same people in them every time.¨
  • inults peple then immidiatley sucks up to them in the same sentence
  • Is Possums biggest fan. Has nearly run Possum off the site.
  • Bigger AW than possum.
  • Is in a band. Can't play any musical instruments.
  • tells people to show him their talent, has none
  • Goes to band practice. Has to wear a reflective glow vest, so they can find him in case he wanders off...
  • Joined the tr_squad
  • Keeps saying "If you like this song, you have great musical taste". Like he decides who has good taste or not...
  • The band uses whiny seagull sound samples in their music. Still better then punky's drumming.
  • Puts videos of himself drumming on youtube. No views or comments...
  • Is his own biggest fan.
  • has a stupid redneck accent
  • Uses headphones. Pukes on them.
  • Constantly laughs at his own comments. Is the only one.
  • wears stupid trucker hats that were popular ten years ago
  • Tries to do the Beer challenge. Drinks light beer...
  • Actually gets 3 comments on his youtube video. 2 of them are complaints. 1 of them his own.
  • "^comment fail"
  • Goes to band practice. Wears Marty McFly's outfit.
  • Band releases album. Front cover looks like a zoomed in anus.
  • Claims to have been banned. Instantly whined his way back.

[edit] References