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Possum is currently the only possumfag on Mucho


[edit] Description

Possum hanging out in his crib on an average day

Joined June 3rd 2008[1].

Initially, possum was quite a pushover candy-ass, who would constantly suck up to the older members - Things haven't changed much since then, aside from him becoming the patron saint of noobs.

Possum is easily recognizable by his Magnum P.I. mustache, his mop top hair, his muffin-top love-handles, and ironically the same flannel shirts[2] worn by the Scandinavians he despises so much.

Possum is formaly educated in the arts of keytar playing, yet he ended up wasting his wonder years as a bass faggot in obscure sub-par bands.[3][4]

Due to his laid-back and whimsical demeanor, possum is the Nipple-annointed Nicest Guy on Mucho. (This may be attributed to the rumored fact that he is Smerf's father.)[5] However, you should beware when approaching him, as he might be dangerous - do not approach alone, as a defense mechanism, his head will inflate up to 300% of its original size.[6]

He is known to dress up as a possum and hide under unsuspecting victim's[7] porches, where he does acid while posting music videos from his '98 IBM computer. Unrelated to this, possum is wanted by both the FBI and the Hell's Angels for unspecified reasons.

As the Checkerboard everyone steps on in the game of Mucho Chess, possum has officially been determined to be the Most Interesting Muchoer.[8]

Possum's nude photo[9] has also gained much notoriety on Mucho, being the subject of many jump-scare comments in which unsuspecting victims would be exposed to his flesh. Recently, the photo also gained grounds as a often used subject in muchoshops, insuring that possum continues to be one of the first things experienced by new members on mucho[10].

Likes to talk about editing Muchopedia a lot, but does not actually do anything on it...except when very very very bored by the main site

[edit] His Hobbies

  • Posting enormous amounts of music videos and cute animals.
  • Collecting births on VHS tapes.
  • Making obscure comments that no one understands.
  • Befriending noobs.
  • Forcing his relatives to sign up on Mucho.
  • Re-organizing his CD collection.
  • Posting pictures of himself on MS for attention.
  • Buying female users (and a few cute male ones) pro for sexual favors.
  • Submitting videos to "test" if he has been banned from submitting, even though yak confirms that he has not been banned.
  • Trolling Muchopedia
  • Claiming to be a mod on muchopedia.[11]
  • Shoving his bass up his own ass
  • Outlasting every other old MS user, just out of spite

[edit] Possum Sayings

  • Look a speck of dust
  • Haha acid
  • I blame "InsertScandinavianHere"
  • Ummm
  • Dude
  • Test
  • /me resigns
  • /me scampers
  • well wow
  • I'm putting (insert random user) on full Persona Status

[edit] Known Aliases

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Friends

[edit] HockeyBritt

While most other muchoers were busy e-fucking her, possum also tried his luck at stalking and irl-fucking the young IHOP maiden, as she lived in his SODAK neighborhood. However, the deal went sour and possum was forced to relocate to another patio to compensate for his newly acquired restraining order.

The whole HockeyBritt saga made possum pretty miserable, as it constantly reminds him of his only relationship that did not end in death.. Yet.

Jones frequently brings it up to mess with possum, as he had managed to receive nudies from her, instead of a restraining order.

[edit] Possum opossum's

Had all of his uploaded content deleted in 2015 due to sudden insight of penile internet stardom. Is currently causing hell for anyone claiming repost on his now evaporated subs. This has led to a new phrase; Reposs

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