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[edit] Description

Plantshit's shack in the wilderness

A criminally insane Swedish member of Muchosucko who makes jewelery out of dead crows and aspires to kill a bear the "ancient way".

Plantshit has had numerous stays in mental hospitals because of bouts with drug abuse and the constant provoking of an invisible "demon" who enabled him to win at online poker. Using his poker winnings and his illegally collected welfare money, Plantshit then moved to Thailand and fell in love with a Katoy(a Thai Ladyboy). When his money ran out, he was forced to move back to Sweden, leaving his credit cards and money with his new love.

Now his main source of income is selling "used" items, which he scavenges from large piles of toxic trash at the local dump, to "ants" in order to feed his alcohol and meth addiction. "Ants" as he so fondly refers to them, are law abiding, hard working civilians for which he has little tolerance. He believes that he is above them and that accepting large amounts of welfare while living in slum like conditions is honorable.

Plantshit got in a bit of bad standing after having insulted Toolman961's wife while she was in the hospital.[1]

His many strange statements made him a sort of mascot for Mucho much like Whunu, which is emphasized by him being the subject of 2 of the 4 official mucho t-shirt designs.[2]

When Plantshit returned after the Muchosucko relaunch, he never quite caught as much attention as he had had previously, as the market for insane Europeans has been saturated by Boxlightener at the time.

[edit] Notable Planty Quotes:[3]

Plantshit was so well known for his opinion of the stack, that it was put on a t-shirt
Another of Plantshit's sayings on a t-shirt
  • One day i will disappear into the deep wood. Fuck the stack it sucks - and i will never return, the real is in the nature - Fuck the stack!
  • Meat as meat hank. i would be honoured if you hit it before me. I always have wanted to mix my sperm with your sperm in a dog pussy
  • Aggravated homosexual assault is beautiful like roses
  • Bears are overrated
  • They are like ants in a stack
  • I would lay on the bear and it would try to runaway when i do my wrestle style
  • I won he laid on the ground and cry. if i wanted i could have ended his like, making me the winner.
  • Hey morph! When are you going to eat your dog. damn you look poorer then me crackhead
  • I have manage to level up to this level when starting fap to this
  • Regret and forgivness is the sign og weakness and workerant
  • Im the keeper of the sacred woods you fuck bag Im the god. I get energy from the spirits of the forest
  • Reminds me of one time in the forest when a bear punch me in the face because i won all the money from it in texas holdem
  • I rather drink from the river then that aids cocktail he spit out
  • I rather dont have a lifestyle then look like a gayass truck driver
  • Words are like bullets and I let them pass right through me. Yeah i watch southpark and i rocks like you dont Hank and all you that opose me.
  • God, i hope i my bear hunt want make so alot of geeky photographs will crawl around in the forest and disturb my hunt...
  • I have never try to convince anyone, stop telling things that i have never said - You are bad at communication
  • Good stuffs
  • Thanks DickNixon you made so I only watch 5 seconds of this crap, then write this in 30 seconds, which earn me 3 seconds
  • I'd like to take a chainsaw and cut out his mouth
  • Bring him to me and I will show him his doo
  • I think you are really funny hank. i really like you. Give me five man *giving hank a huge*
  • Steve Irwin never killed a bear - making me the winner
  • One nuke, one dream, one devastation
  • Does she take swedish kroner or do you pay her in bananas?
  • If you can handle a bear you can handle a girl, right oh! I'm already an millionairre
  • Oh boy I have spent so many napkins/toiletpaper in my bed dreamin of her. Napkins are expensive but I dont like to dry my cock with an used napkin.... how about you masturbation and relationship?
  • Im probably the smartest lifeform on this planet. i could join MENSA any day i want. How your AA meeting hank?
  • Learn young, understand fast
  • So finally you confess that you are an asian frogbaby in a flying saucer?
  • Get use to it. evolution make our forehead and brain bigger. And i really hate that movie conehead
  • I feel sorry for this guy. It has to suck to have no arms and legs but god doesnt exist and he just spend his valuable time on it. He could be an scientist and invent cyborg arms and legs so he would be supercool
  • Now get your tourch and join me to scream outside hank's house
  • The bear cave is more fun than the classroom because in bear caves there are no such things as computers, boring books and lots of people. It's just stone and bear shit and probably bears

[edit] Blogs

Plantshit would regularly share his thoughts on his impending suicide, and life in the wilderness on his blogs:

[edit] References