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The pizza roll challenge is a speed eating challenge in which a user has to eat as many pizza rolls as possible in 2 minutes.


[edit] Rules

  • EAT as many Totino's Pizza Rolls as you can in a 2 minute time frame
  • One continuous video without any crappy "movie magic" cinematic shenanigans.
  • No altering the original food. EX: no blending of the food and drinking it, the pizza rolls must be in pizza roll form.
  • Dunking/dipping is ok but only for the food in your hand, and only for a max time of 2 seconds. EX: you can dip a pizza roll in to ranch dressing if you would like.
  • No "Chipmunking" all food has to be swallowed by the end of the two minutes, if it is not you will have a number deducted as decided by the official judges.
  • Partaking in any outside activities beforehand is allowed.
  • If you have announced that you are going to compete you must post your results despite failing or be banned.
  • If your going to throw up THE VIDEO HAS TO KEEP RUNNING & post in the description a form of +1 team puke.

[edit] Champion

Current pizza roll challenge champion is Bono [1][2]

[edit] Competitors



Ezophagothomia [5]

Jerkstore [6]

L0RD_QU3S0 [7]

PunkyBruiser [8]

tr_willk [9] [10]


[edit] Title

The current title you get for winning the pizza roll challenge is "The Destroyer of Pizza Rolls"

[edit] References