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[edit] Description

[edit] A brief history

Muchosucko is the brain dead, brain child of site owner and smut peddler, yak. Originally created in 2000, Muchosucko was conceived for the purpose of hosting some of the net's most heinous content.

[edit] Site content

Freak porn, beheadings, torture, blood and guts, self inflicted pain, fights, shitty music videos, kittens, user pics, weird science and stupid human tricks are just some of the things that are welcomed with open arms. Few things are off limits on Muchosucko like animal or child abuse/cruelty due to legal restrictions but other than that - game on, bitches!

[edit] The users

At first glance, Muchosucko appears to be a mere sludge dump in the throngs of Hell, but upon further inspection, you will find a warm, albeit deranged, community of loyal followers (see MUCHO4LYFE). The user's pride themselves upon finding and submitting the most shocking and topical items from all across the world. The IQ of an average user seems to span somewhere between 130-170, some even claiming to have notorized proof of it.[1] The user's should be noted as being extremely desensitized and abusive and are known to have conversations including, but not limited to; sports, food recipes, personal matters, and intellectual debates on submissions that include things like; birth defects, death, torture, midget porn. It's not uncommon to see a thread about making grandma's homemade apple pie under a picture of a dead man's bloated corpse.

[edit] MS Teams

Always in competition on who is the strongest, these teams are not to be fucked with. Attacking with extreme forms of mind blowing content, sweet to those who can stomach it, mentally shattering for the weak. Got what it takes?

[edit] Official teams:

Reserved for those who enjoy the filthiest of sexual fetishes: scat.

Dedicated to golden showers applies here.

Wether it's extractions or popping, the results are satisfying with oozing, chunky, creamy infectious pus.

For not only satisfying the eye, puke offers pleasures for the nose and ears aswell.

[edit] Unofficial teams:

From snuff to broken legs, the dead, bloated and injured bodies in all it's various states. Not for the faint of heart, it can't be unseen.

[edit] Official squads:

[edit] Official societies:

[edit] Slogans

  • Tasteless humor for the unemployed.
  • Come for the freakporn, stay for the abuse.
  • What's so funny?
  • Cute Kitties And Cannibalism.

[edit] References