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JrobAids, viewed under a microscope at 800x magnification.

A condition whereby a user is automatically banned for logging into a banned account. All ip addresses are recorded, both here and on muchosucko itself. When shenanigans are detected (automatically) then bans go into effect (supposedly)[1]. The most conspicuous example of that was the ilovepenis mass banning[2].

[edit] Jrob Aids

The most virile strain of the Mucho Aids, some say Mucho Aids evolved from Jrob Aids. Yak once compiled a list of users infected with the Jrob Aids, it was impressive at 32 victims, only rivaled by the Jerkstore Aids with a respectable 13 patients. No one knows how the Jrob Aids managed to spread so widely, infecting accounts that clearly had nothing to do with Jrob.

Unhealthy Scandinavians seem to to be highly vulnerable to this condition, although more research may be needed.

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