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A Meltdown could best described as losing your shit, flipping out or going nuts. It's either caused by being cornered or getting so wrapped up in current or past events that they can't see the frustration rising to an uncontrollable state. It is for some a fun pastime to induce on others, a state of crisis to those inflicted upon. Sometimes it's not even related to online activities at all, simply in real life shit being vented. Usually the person having a Meltdown will soon come to their senses, calm down and let bygones be bygones. In other cases it can lead to serious changes in the persons personality and mental health, with acts of retaliation, self destruction or stalkings as a result.

[edit] Known Cases

  • Death of the Stupid Pole
  • The Spandy Andy incident
  • Every other night in Mucho Chat
  • Anytime tr_willk or anyone writing with the style of his awesome verbosity is banned from editing MuchoPedia, it is usually followed by loslobos melting down by reverting all the edits and protecting the page.
  • When DushanMandik, Jrob2020, Xzekiel or Drumrave has too much to drink. Usually leading to extreme amounts of spam, YouTube links and attacks on the Mucho females and Yak.
  • Whenever Twinkles is insulted. Leading to a prolonged Meltdown and massive butthurt.[1]
  • Rollo_Tomasi losing his shit over oster finding his real Facebook account and when loslobos subs a pic that she claims isn't of Rollo [2]

[edit] Notable Quotables

  • xzekiel:

before yak gets a chance to fuck with me let me just say i'm drug induced paranoid schizophrenic i flip out sometimes but it's much better when i'm not drinking i have flipped out on many women also, i'm fat, i look like a slug and i drink constantly i'm unemployed and have no friends, cuz, well i don't really want to keep people around me because I don't think people are innately good. I've pissed off heather, and ohsnap and I wholeheartedly regret it. I've apologized for what I'm sorry for. Did I mention that I was attracted to a dude this one time? yak will call this a meltdown, but it's really not. It's me being drunk and honest about shit that no one gives a fuck about but people just want to give me shit about. So I don't care, I'm done.....this is me..... but i'm going sober now, and my schizophrenia subsides, and maybe i'll get a job, and see sunlight. I still don't want any "friends"[3]

[edit] References