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A perk of being a Pro user.

If you are interested in having your own mucho email address, you must first purchase Pro membership, and send an email to and request one.

Since most members never check their mucho emails, and forget how to do it....

Go to

Type in your, followed by your password.

An alternative to setting up a mucho email, is asking for a forward, that way people can still send an email to your, and it gets automatically forwarded to your real email so you can respond from there, never forget how to mucho mail again!
Caution: Reports of real email and real name can be visible while sending emails when you have forward muchomail enabled. It is recommended to only access your muchomail via the link above and NOT forward anything to your real email to avoid abuse of personal info. It is noted that any sharing of personal info, names, addresses, pictures etc on Muchosucko is not permitted and is a bannable offense.