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[edit] Description

Even in the filthiest, darkest corners of the intrawebs some sort of deranged order must be kept to control the perverted and disturbed masses. Therefore yak has appointed a few unlucky souls to carry the cross of responsibility and forever be judged as tyrants and abusers, something most mods don't seem to mind.

[edit] Want to become a Mod?

Don't bother

It is a common misconception that the role of a mod is something that can be applied for. Many have tried and failed, even going so far that their asskissing on threads has led to a high level of irritation among the other users with fruitless results, some even claiming to be mods in secret to elevate their status (see possum), there's even been rumors of money transactions being offered to buy a piece of power. There really is only one way - send nudie pics to yak.

[edit] The Muchosucko Mods

The lieutenants of the Muchosucko website set to oversee activity on the site. The powers that are bestowed are bump or dump, replacing users' comments on submissions with tasteless jokes, editing descriptions and tags...though that is seldom done nowadays...

[edit] The Muchopedia Mods

Deals mostly with keeping track of spammers and various forms of sabotage (deleting content, writing nonsense).

[edit] Summary

Any questions, help, feedback or money is to be sent to one source only via email:

...scratch the last part, money is always welcome...

[edit] References