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Since a good portion of the idiots and whiners seem to think there are no rules as to what they can do on, lets have a list of things:

You may NOT:

  • Submit content containing humans having sex with animals in any way.
  • Submit content containing anything illegal (think children).
  • Submit content which can get anyone put in jail (except yAK).
  • Submit content of a personal nature of any other user on the site. Period.
  • Enter comments with personal information of any other user on the site. Period.


  • Submit content with tags. Tags somewhat related to the content are acceptable.
    • Tags of "I forget" or "None" or "Optional" are not acceptable
    • "I was drunk." "I am drunk" "I don't give a fuck" are not acceptable excuses.
  • Submit content with a valid description (The Rollo rule).
    • Descriptions which have no meaning or reference to the submission are not acceptable.

Your content will gladly be accepted (99.999% of the time) by adhering to really one rule:

  • Don't be stupid.


Generally, violations in the area of submitting crap content with no acceptable metadata will be given warnings. Continued violations will result in the following:

  • Deletion of content.
  • Deletion (Dead babying) of your user comments.
  • Eventually, Banhammer.

Other items:

  • Your "veteran" status means nothing to Mods.
  • Your "Pro" status means nothing to Mods.
  • Whining about a Mod(s) being shitty really means nothing. Don't waste your time.
  • Mods won't mess with you unless one of the things above aren't followed.
  • Mods at this fine establishment are NOT "Paid", regardless of what you think.
  • So, whining == nothing.
  • Don't be an internet-toughguy with a Mod. Lashing out will only result in you "taking a vacation"
  • In fact, whining more than likely will get you abused.
  • Enjoy!