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Makodragon 16 bit art of Squatface

Creator of the Punky Chronicles comic, adapted from one of the tales written by dik about the infamous stupidity of muchoer, PunkyBruiser.

Teanigger makodragon has the amazing ability of discouraging female noobs from posting tits. This is due to possessing a verbal charm that is comparable to the proposition of being aggressively "raped by a gorilla".

A founding member of F.A.P.S..

[edit] Can be seen

Drawing pictures of sluts while wearing a wifebeater, covered in flour and other baking products.[1]

Drawing some cool art of mucho users.

Subbing videos of chavs being beaten or otherwhisely harming themselves through drunken shenanigans.[2]

Subbing videos of stupid women being stupid cunts.[3]

Subbing the most vanilla freak porn possible.[4]

Describing sounds for the people around him. "Edit...mucho editing sounds".

Hanging out in clubs with drug dealers.

Teaching muchoers British swear words.

Getting drunk and yelling at Punky.

Makodragon getting drunk, challenging Punky to a fistfight.

[edit] The most copypasted Makodragon quote

Punky, you filthy fucking shit-licker. Your 'talent' means fuck all to us you skunks cunt.Your dumb-fuck feminine mind cannot even grasp that when people demonstrate their talent, they tend to apply to mucho content or users in some way you simple fucking 'lets-bang-some-objects-together-and-call-it-talent', smarmy-faced, self important, coat-tail riding, big-talking, tiny-cocked, twat of a cunt flap.

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