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Joined november 3rd 2007[1]


Used to be more active but still logs in now and again. Would classify as one of those users who enjoys the content of Mucho rather than joining in spam threads.

The Sprinkles incident

Sprinkles is possum's new pet and like minded man-child.

Allegedly a outcast and friends with severum, joined Mucho after being shunned/banned from said site. Has gone through most stages of noobiness including using old rumors and comments as means of retaliation and or jokes on barely known (by him) users expense, sucking up to vets and jumping on the nearest bandwagon in attempts to fit in. Uses the phrase "^butthurt" more than once daily whenever accused of being one himself. Mildly entertaining at times but with a routine that's been used forever on Mucho it's more stale than original. Given to account the user has claimed himself to be well over his 40's and yet is often mistaken to act around the age of 18. Can't refrain himself from busting Magawd's balls after a tiff between them two short after Sprinkles joined Mucho, something Magawd himself couldn't care less about. Whenever a submission is posted by Magawd or a comment is being made, Sprinkles will jump on it, giving critique and using old slander names as "Maggie" in attempts to get Magawds attention.

  • Said incident began after an extremely volatile response by Magawd over a single stfu that was given by Sprinkles. [2]. Sprinkles being the snarling arsehole that he is, could not pass up an opportunity to build on this easily attained butthurt outburst. Magawd refused to bite from that point on and Sprinkles lost all interest in him..