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LL's avatar pic.


[edit] Description

LL or loslobos joined July 3rd 2008.[1] The username was chosen after a five day smoke binge and based on a t-shirt she was wearing at the time she joined. Other nicknamess are Bones (coined by TD, Sweetnose (coined by Tr), lospedos (coined by jrob), loslezbos (coined by Fries).

Disappeared without a trace in 2009, she returned to the site in 2013 (making her technically a two year noob)and was immediately banned for "intentional spamming". An agreement was then made with yak. As a return for getting unbanned she had to provide alleged quote; "nakkies for Zeke", end quote. After providing a pic, many savvy muchoers blessed with the gift of "photoshop eyes" was doubtful of the gender and the sign written with a white marker and remain so until today.

Rumored to be Plantshit or to be related to Plantshit.

  • The majority conclusion on loslobos is that she is a pedo powerslut and disloyal shitlicker, who can not hold her own on the site.[2]
  • A self-confessed lover and subber of underage girl nudes (which she lovingly refers to as "art"). When asked if she did in fact sub pictures of underage, nude girls, her honest response shocked (not so much) everyone. [3][4]
  • Uses the phrase "^butthurt" or "He/she mad" more than once daily whenever accused of being one herself. [citation needed]
  • When confronted on her delusional thinking, her best response is always the equivalent of "I know you are, but what am I?" [5]

[edit] Muchosucko

Visits Mucho mainly for the huge archive of the weird and fucked up, such as:

With having a decreased sense of long term memory due to an traumatic head-injury while skateboarding in 2003, adaptation was made and photographic memory was developed. Certain words, details or colors comes in handy when spotting dual posted subs[13] and calling them out when no new material is being posted or taking a break from the random button.

[edit] Other random facts

  • Favourite liquor is Jägermeister.
  • Drugs of the various kind. In love with weed but now retired.
  • Graphic art, pixel work, drawing and so on.
  • The Cheese Slicer Hoax; Forever disagreeing with Barret that it was invented by the Norwegians and claims it was infact a Swedish invention.
  • Allergic to snow and tr.
  • Trained in boxing 1999-2005.
  • Has a strange skin condition[14]
  • Well known for abusing "her" mod privileges and falsifying information.[citation needed]
  • The loathing of cats comes from growing up with a mother who is by definition a classic cat-lady, having as many as 15 cats at one time.
  • Dislikes the concept of the Tr_squad guild. Why? The members are all faggots.
  • Still thinks HankChinaski is the most entertaining muchoer to read.
  • Served in the Swedish Air Force as a doxy and is very proficient with a wide range of Firearms.
  • May have suffered brain damage as a child from repeated and prolonged exposure to petroleum vapors[15]

[edit] Admirers

[edit] Current nemesis

ThatDude420 - disputed[16] A user of muchopedia with the same username as thatdude420 periodically defaces this very page, deleting the content and replacing it with such pithy pejoratives of loslobos as "lame whore" "lame whore who loves attention from others because her life has no meaning." & "boring attention whore" This vandalism lead to loslobos abusing her moderator banhammer, a claim she fiercely contests[17]. Possum is currently testing this allegation for veracity while stroking his famous shiny penis.

[edit] References