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JamesTKirk at work with deleting Rollo_Tomasi's description lacking subs or when turning tr_willk's comments into dead-baby jokes

"Ok, this time, don't delete my page, DejaNu. You too LosVegas.." -- He said in March 2014..

Friggin LosVegas is unreliable and made me look like an ass. So, like, when can I be vulgar on here?

JamesTKirk sadly joined Mucho in January 2007.[1] It is, by far, the biggest mistake of his life. He has worked in the computer industry for 24+ years. Some may label him as mildly-burned out, though he views this as "sophisticated".


  • Golf
  • Outdoors
  • His family
  • Travel
  • Certain programming languages.
  • possum


  • yak
  • Airports: O'Hare, Newark (in that order)
  • Anything associated with "Southwest Airlines"
  • posers, internet-toughguys
  • cone lickers
  • Tom Petty
  • Florida (the state)
  • I guess I'm still a mod on Mucho, but I hate that too (RIP)

[edit] Kirk steps down

On the 29th of July 2016 Kirk resigned from being mod. [2]

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