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GreatDane's dogfag avatar of choice

Joined October 9th 2012[1]


[edit] Description

GreatDane had a short lived career as a Danish dogfag on Muchosucko, reaching a total of 182 comments before his demise.[2]

An odd fellow to say the least, his weird demeanor was found intriguing by many users, although others were annoyed by his militaristic atheism.[3]

Not much is known about his background, aside from him having been a medic in the Danish army.[4]

[edit] GreatDane's mental health and suicide

Like most Danes, GreatDane suffered from a crippling chronic depression.

Adding to the poor state of his mental health, he allegedly suffered from schizophrenia, while also having occasional psychoses.

During his last days on Muchosucko, it was revealed that he would be losing his home and had thoughts of suicide. He had given up on seeking help due to the fear of ending up at a closed institution again. His family had attempted to force the police upon him twice, but he had ignored them both times.

After proclaiming that "things allways gets more worse", he ended the conversation by refusing to talk about it anymore, as it was making him feel more depressed. GreatDane was never heard from again, presumably having killed himself by overdosing on pain killers and pickled herring, ending his days at the ripe age of 25.[5]

[edit] GreatDane Sayings

  • man, I would kill myself if my mom tried to to this to me.
  • better a bad job than no job in this economy.
  • and I should know. I have stolen a lot of tennis balls from the bushes around a tennis course and sold them to kennels. - dogs love that shit
  • something similar happened to me when I were in the army. I had dicks and gay words written all over my face with permanent marker.
  • well... this brings back memories. not the scissor but back when my gf superglued my penis to my leg because I went drinking and puked on her when I fell asleep.
  • I allways wanted to be attacked by a turkey, goose or chicken. It would be a perfect excuse to break its neck and take it home for dinner.
  • fuck u guys, I doubt most people here has done better. I would hit it even if I were sober. I like brunettes. Eventhough she has a weird mouth, small tits, thin hair and unnatural eyes. I'd still do it. cause her shirt is really white, which means she can slean and pron cook and since she is a girl she has a hole. thats what matters :P
  • in denmark the average cost of raising a child is 1 mill kr. but the father pays 1,84 kr to the mother untill the child grows up if they dont leave together to support the child. so, being a skank is profitable.

[edit] References