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GAF at a ballgame. Sponsored by The Special Olympics

User of muchosucko since May 7, 2008.[1] Only ever had one good idea which was not adopted because too many users would fail to qualify, causing massive butthurt.[2]


[edit] Description

Proven to sometimes be a divisive MuchoSucko personality or a completely irrelevant one. GAF or Freshie (as others sometimes refer to him) is known as much for recklessly getting banned and creating new accounts[3] as he is for routinely getting into lengthy and nonsensical arguments with those whose opinion he doesn't respect much to the dismay of nearly every other muchoer on the site. Also known to be the founder and only member of Team Freshie even though users have repeatedly informed him that his "Team" isn't officially sanctioned.

[edit] Likes / Dislikes

[edit] Likes

  • Very few other users
  • Arguing with anyone for no apparent reason at all even
  • Baiting certain users (such as Xzekiel) with obvious flamebait so as to engage them in the previously mentioned lengthy and nonsensical arguments
  • Most Canadians (particularly their accent)
  • The color blue
  • The San Jose Sharks and San Francisco Giants sports teams
  • Commenting "+1 Team Freshie" whenever he feels victorious
  • Occasionally commenting "Freshie Approves" to show his immense approval of a submission
  • Punkyblock

[edit] Dislikes

  • People on his Shit List
  • Those he deems an Attention Whore
  • Possum and most of his subs
  • Fake Ass Bitches (he claims a penchant for knocking them out)
  • American Football/Handegg, Basketball and fans of those sports
  • French Canadians
  • Rednecks

[edit] Shit List

A list of users who Freshie dislikes. In no particular order:

  • Possum - Annoying
  • TR_Willk - Pedophile who has yet to contribute anything worthwhile to MuchoSucko
  • Jrob2020 - 4chan Faggot
  • Xzekiel - Too many reasons to list here
  • Dushanmandik - Mouth writes checks his ass can't cash

[edit] References