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artists rendition of dushanmandik

Joined May 23rd 2008[1]

Pronunciation: (Douche On Man Dick). Previously known as Invalid.

[edit] Description

One of MuchoSucko's drunkards and mentally ill. Most commonly referred to online and IRL as Dush or Douche. Considered by many to be the redneck doppelgänger of Xzekiel, he will often times interject himself into a subject he has no knowledge of and is prone to angry alcohol induced rants. He claims to work as an orderly at a mental institution but as time has gone on more and more users suspect he is merely one of the inmates who just goes online and masquerades as an orderly. Some have also said he has the body shape, odor, and mental capacity of a potato. He is also a known racist as seen from his frivolous use of various racial epithets.

[edit] Fits of Crying

DushanManDik has what is known as "Hyperactive Tear-ducts" (Latin: Clamantes Morbus) or more commonly called "Crybaby Disease" in which the afflicted person cries uncontrollably over practically anything.[citation needed]

[edit] References

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