Drunk in 60 Seconds Challenge

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The drunk in 60 seconds challenge is a hard alcohol speed drinking challenge in which users attempt to drink as many shots of hard alcohol in a 60 second period, and then 30 minutes later must say the alphabet without singing it.


[edit] Rules

  • 80 proof or higher
  • can be of any type of alcohol as long as it is 80 proof or higher.
  • "chasing" shots is ok.
  • must be poured into shot glasses before being drunk, this does not mean it has to be drunk from the shot glasses, if a competitor wishes they can measure out the alcohol by using shot glasses on camera and pour them into another clear container for consumption.
  • can be mixed, but shots still have to be measured out.
  • A "shot" is defined as 45 ml or 1.5 fluid ounces.[1]
  • One continuous video without any crappy "movie magic" cinematic shenanigans.
  • Partaking in any outside activities beforehand is allowed.
  • If you have announced that you are going to compete you must post your results despite failing or be banned.
  • If you're going to throw up, THE VIDEO HAS TO KEEP RUNNING & post in the description a form of +1 team puke.
  • Video of saying the alphabet can be added at the end of the video using video editing software, or after as a separate submission.

[edit] Champion

Current champion is xzekiel with 8 shots in 60 seconds.

[edit] Competitors

  • jrob2020: Disqualified. Jagermeister is 35% abv.
  • Bono: 7 shots in 60 seconds

[edit] Title

The current title you get for winning the challenge is "The Iron Liver"

[edit] Disclaimer

Any challenger doing the drunk in 60 seconds must agree beforehand that muchosucko, its owners, and users can in no way be held responsible for any bodily harm done by doing the challenge.

[edit] References

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