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Drumrave, showing off his short lived muscles.
Drumrave the partyboy

Joined December 6th 2006[1]

Drumrave, current site moderator, is one of the more prolific Muchosucko users. He has taken the long road to the top of the MS ranks, going from being a butthurt noob (as a result of being at the brunt end of every MS fat joke), to popping out of the woodwork every blue moon to Mod dump a Punkybruiser submission. Some say he is the worst site moderator in the history of the internet. Ever.

[edit] The Espada9 Incident

On this night Drumrave would prove his penchant for having things blow up in his face. It started when Drumrave decided to fuck with Espada9[2] and being the man that he is, Espada9 posted his contact info[3] daring Drumrave to "show up and do something." Instead, Drumrave decided to post a Craigslist ad posing as a man looking for anonymous gay sex all the while using Espada9s contact info. Drumrave thought he had the upper hand until Espada9 mentioned he had successfully backtraced Drumrave by replying to the craigslist ad himself. The users who were observing this entire shitfest informed Drumrave he had just been one upped. Espada9 then told the young Drumrave to calm down (Drumrave had begun to not so subtly lose his shit) and assured him he wasn't going to do anything[4]. However, the damage to young Drumraves rep had been done and he seemed all but resigned to his fate and impending ass raping until Mods stepped in and erased most of the thread. After Espada9's banning and the erasing of his contact info, Drumrave then returned to mocking Espada9 but only for a shortwhile before realizing he would still probably be receiving a visit from the man.

No such meeting between the two has known to have taken place

[edit] The Spandy Andy incident

The best Mucho Meltdown so far.

After the collapse of roomroom on tinychat, various users attempted to create rooms named after themselves. In this case, it was the drumrave room. Foolishly, drumrave made heather a mod in his room and gave her only one instruction (to not let a certain user in the room, which she promptly disregarded the instant drumrave logged out. The speculation is that she was misleading this certain user into believing she was available in order secure various gifts from him, a claim that she vehemently denies. When drumrave learned of this betrayal, he spent hours crying about it on webcam to the amusement and horror of his viewers. Although tears were not quite visible, there was a timbre in his voice that showed genuine sorrow at his betrayal, and after all he had done, too, for those ungrateful bastards.

Simultaneously, yak had reposted some gay video of dudes in speedos[5] that drumrave had already submitted under the title "Spandy Andy." Jrob2020 thought it would be amusing if everyone downvoted the original and upvoted Yak's version.[6]This further betrayal caused drumrave to completely lose his shit and abuse his mod privileges. Among other things, he bumped up Spandy Andy, bumped up D to the rumrave, and used his ability to suppress user comments with Tasteless Jokes to dominate the site until he passed out. He wasn't banned for this (although he expected to be) but he almost completely stopped coming on the site after this.

While Spandy Andy was dumped back down, D to the rumrave[7] was not noticed until Conky saw it one day, prompting him to turn in his mucho uniform and quit. Unlike possum who resigns on a regular basis and then comes right back, Conky stayed gone for good, excepting well wishes to jrob2020 on his muchoday.

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