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The more handsome side of dik

Joined January 18th 2007[1]

A user from the prehistoric era of MuchoSucko.

Known to have been the spammiest user on the site in his prime he will now usually only venture out of chat to engage in conversation with the few people he respects or to put down and shame noobs. His house was burned to the ground after fellow user Xzekiel distracted him causing dik to leave the stove unattended. Xzekiel has yet to monetarily pay for the damages caused by his buffoonery. Legally blind, his extremely poor eyesight often causes him to type in a manner that riddles his comments with typos.

Has a mangy dog named Stan who dik has described as a low-life degenerate. Dik has often spoke of Stan's exploits and behaviours much to the chagrin of the many noobs who frequent MuchoSucko.

Suffers from what is called "Doc Brown Hair".

The creator of the Punky Chronicles.

[edit] Examples of Condemnation and other Chat Contremps

(01:59:52 AM) dik: my god what a buffoons

(02:02:40 AM) dik: intellect sinking

(9:04:35 AM) dik: bono bono bono.....you crybabies went on for like a year..an insugnifabnt

(11:25:09 PM) dik: i givea you you sauca mistera dik

(10:44:11 PM) dik: if an alien was observung animal life on earth..they would likely consider it all or most one species...like the only difference between humans and a cow is shape and intelligence.....thatsit..to an objective eye we would be the exact same thing..so why not eat retards

(12:35:44 AM) dik: i shower like ..if i dont have to go ouit for days i dont bother (12:36:09 AM) dik: i never stink but i get all disgusting (12:36:36 AM) dik: like 3 days i feel like a gomeless

(09:54:38 PM) dik: if i had hypodermic needles i would inject general tsao sauce into my arm

(06:20:36 PM) dik: it was sarcasm you incredible imbecile....you easy to lay attention skank...ignore me you buffoon

[edit] Dik-spam

Invented by the infamous mucho veteran dik who would often take several comments to complete a single thought, or would respond to his own comments repeatedly. Often times it includes setting up a joke to which you reply with the punchline and your own laughter. Can also be used to fill the recent comments section with only your own comments to get attention (see Attention Whores), or to push another user's attention-seeking comment out of the limited space in the recent comments. Has been known to be used for the purpose of pumping up the comments on a submission in an attempt to get it into the most discussed section (see Sealbasher).

[edit] References