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[edit] Definition

Getting your feelings hurt over an unflattering comment made about you, also referred to as having your jimmies rustled.[vague] A user who may be a whiny little bitch, sad, upset, or pissed off about an event or something that occured. Not being able to deal with past incidents.

[edit] Examples

#1. The butthurt user will constantly vandalize Muchopedia, compelling constant undoing by vigilant contributers.
#2. PumaPidarev created new accounts because he couldn't deal with being banned from Muchosucko and blocked on Muchopedia.
#3. After two days of spamming and deleting content on Muchopedia he had numerous IPs and accounts blocked.

[edit] The typical butthurt user

  • The use of the stfu button is a way of retaliation when someone is butthurt.[1]
  • Downvoting on submissions.
  • Creating alt-accounts to seem like a larger group of like minded individuals or inviting friends for support.
  • Stalking, either on threads or in real life and trying hard to regain control.
  • Keeps bringing up a specific subject over and over after it happened.[2]
  • Constantly changes muchopedia articles to reflect opinions and not facts. See pic.
  • Continuously using words like Butthurt
  • Projecting his/her own butthurt on another user in order to try to hide their own
  • Jumping on bandwagons and being a follower whenever the "butthurtiee" is under fire

[edit] Some incident examples

  • tr_willk's butthurtedness over his page being more accurately written. A tug of war between tr_willk and loslobos occurs on Muchopedia, see pic #1.
  • Long before seen such butthurt, PumaPidarev steps up to the plate and represents like a boss, see pic #2. and #3.

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