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Bono's signature avatar.

Joined July 29th 2010[1]

Bono is, to put it shortly, a special version of Faggotry walking on this Earth. Ranking consistently as MuchoSucko's most-hated personality, Bono has no shame and will insult, troll, spam, and 'STFU' other users constantly for attention. As such, he serves as a gatekeeper for Mucho's newer users; being able to weather the Bono-storm is an effective way of measuring how well noobs will stack up against established users on the site. To date he has run off 0 users -

As of October 2013, he has been permanently banned 3 times.


[edit] Personality Profile

As stated above, interactions with Bono should be limited as much as possible, as he has a nasty habit (some would say a talent) of being able to rope in the weak minded users with incessant spamming and 3rd-grade insults, punctuated by declarations of victory. The best way to deal with Bono is to challenge him to a fight in the mall, and hope he gets himself some balls.

Classic Bono.

It is a fact that he will spam a thread until either someone takes the bait or he is banned. "Bono Threads" are typically on the most-discussed list every day for this reason.


  • Animations.
  • The cock
  • Black Hate.
  • Bonoshops.
  • Debates about rape and why girls deserve it.
  • Getting high with his MeeMaw[2]
  • Sports


  • Japanese gameshows.
  • Music videos. Especially obscure ones that are obscure for a reason. (Read: Well-known always = Good)
  • Regular Porn.
  • His Mother who abandoned him.

[edit] Account History


[edit] Notable Feuds & Trolls

[edit] xzekiel

[edit] History

Xzekiel, AKA Zeke, has been a favorite target of Bono's for as long as anyone can remember. Zeke's alcohol abuse is quite conducive to Bono's antagonistic style of trolling, and Zeke's pathetic lifestyle lends itself to long bouts of crying over insults hurled at him by keyboard warriors - which is the desired payoff of any troll. Throughout the years, the constant personal attacks, trolls, suggestions of suicide or self-harm, and general pwnage of Zeke at the hands of Bono have taken their toll. Analysts project that Zeke will wind up taking his own life by the year 2018.

[edit] Highlights

  • On January 14th, 2012, Bono posted a series of amusing "Ironic Zeke-isms", which highlight Zeke's relentless reduction-ad-absurdem faggotry and remind him daily why suicide is the best option. They are referenced frequently.
  • On May 16th, 2012, Bono created a fake account, pretending to be a middle-aged housewife from Zeke's home-state of Maine. A bargain was made: if the housewife showed tits with sign, Zeke would show his hairless ass. The ruse was successful. This is the result.
  • On September 25th 2013, Bono came out with the fact that he and at least one other Muchoer had doxed Zeke completely - personal addresses, phone numbers, etc - leading Zeke to have another trademark Mucho Meltdown, begging for his assailants to be banned so he could live his pathetic life in peace.
  • Every time Bono got banned.

[edit] Downlights

When Bono got unbanned.

[edit] ClaudeBallz

ClaudeBallz, or just Claude, is a faggot.

[edit] dik

dik: bono was a 4 chan kid that got you little bitches all mad
dik: bono bono crybabies went on for like a insugnifabnt

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