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The Sociopathic Salesman himself

Joined January 12th 2009[1]


[edit] Description

BILLYMAYSHERE joined the rank and file of MuchoSucko in the beginning of 2009 only to see his pitchman muse wind up dead on June 28th of the same year.[2] It is believed by some that BILLYMAYSHERE is merely here to channel the ghost of the real Billy Mays so that he (Billys Ghost) can communicate with the other Muchoers from some sort of infomercial purgatory.

Most tend to believe rather that he is some disgruntled middle-aged man from somewhere east of Los Angeles, California.

[edit] Likes / Dislikes

[edit] Likes

  • Using racial slurs

[edit] Dislikes

  • People of color

[edit] References