6 in 60 Challenge

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The 6 in 60 challenge is a challenge in which users try to drink 6 beer in 60 seconds or less.


[edit] Rules

  • 355ml (12oz) beer.
  • 5% abv or higher.
  • One continuous video without any crappy "movie magic" cinematic shenanigans.
  • beer must be poured into clear glasses. If no clear glasses are available to the person, the beer must be opened on cam in a clear bottle. This is at the discretion of the official judges if this is allowed on an individual basis however.
  • Partaking in any outside activities beforehand is allowed.
  • If you have announced that you are going to compete you must post your results despite failing or be banned.
  • If your going to throw up THE VIDEO HAS TO KEEP RUNNING & post in the description a form of +1 team puke.

[edit] Champion

Current champion is vacant, although there have been several attempts, none are qualifiers for the 6 in 60

[edit] Competitors

[edit] Title

The current title you get for winning the challenge is "DAS BOOT"

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